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11 Eating Habits That Give You A Flat Tummy

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.


It can be challenging to get rid of excess weight and finally have a flat tummy.

Even when you’ve got a healthy diet and spend time exercising.

All the crunches in the world can only do so much!
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People don’t always place enough emphasis on the diet part of “diet and exercise,” because it’s easier to eat whatever you want and plan to work it off at the gym.

However, that’s not how your body works.

What you eat matters, and your eating habits can directly affect how your body looks and how you feel every day.

Sometimes it’s more important to examine your eating habits for places of weakness instead of adding on exercise or cutting your diet even further.

You’d be surprised by some of the little things you do while eating that could be wrecking your plans for a flat tummy.

Paying attention to these details can help you get the toned stomach you’ve been striving for, and you’ll feel better overall once you improve your eating habits.

Check out our list of eating habits to see which work best for you!

11 Eating Habits That Give You A Flat Tummy

1. Change up your meal sizes

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Change up your meal sizes

Instead of having large, heavy evening meals, try having several smaller meals during the day.

Studies have shown that eating more small meals is just as effective for getting the nutrition you need and feeling full, so try switching up your eating schedule.

2. Drink more water

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Drink more water

Sometimes you’ll eat food when all your body is really craving is some water.

Make sure you’re getting a lot of fresh water during the day, because it’ll help fill you up and it’ll help you cut down on the calories you consume.

3. Be careful about bloating

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Be careful about bloating

Some people have trouble digesting certain foods, including foods with lots of sugar, some dairy products, and foods with lots of salt.

Without adequate water intake, these foods can cause extra stomach gas and an unflattering bulge.

Try swapping out these foods for healthier choices.

4. Cut back on salt

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Cut back on salt

A diet high in salt is bad for many reasons, including how salt makes your body retain more water.

This extra “water weight” can make your torso puffier, completely undermining your struggle for a flat tummy.

Instead try foods flavored with other herbs and spices, or choosing low-sodium options.

5. Eat more fiber

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Eat more fiber

When you pack more fiber into your daily meals, your body will take in a lot less fat.

Because fiber helps fill you up and improve digestion, it reduces the total calories your body uses, while still making sure you feel satisfied.

Add in fiber-rich fruits, veggies, and beans if you want to get a flat tummy.

6. Order first when you go out

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Order first when you go out

After hearing all your friends get the nacho platter with a huge drink, you won’t want to stick to your salad.

Instead, order first at restaurants so you aren’t tempted to get unhealthy food.

That way, you can still go out while sticking to your diet.

7. Add in avocadoes

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Add in avocadoes

Eating an avocado means your body gets lots of good fat, and that helps your body regulate its blood sugar levels.

While bad fat goes straight to your stomach, the good kind of saturated fat helps you stay full and packs plenty of nutrients.

8. Skip sugary drinks

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Skip sugary drinks

Downing sodas, juices, sweetened tea, and sugary coffee is one of the worst offenders when you’re trying to get a flat tummy!

Drinking sugary beverages packs on empty calories with no nutritional benefits.

Try some lemon water instead.

9. Cut down on alcohol

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Cut down on alcohol

It’s nice to kick back in the evenings and enjoy a drink, but if you do that too often, you’ll fill up on empty calories.

Since there isn’t much nutritional value in most drinks, they’ll defeat your flat tummy before you even get one!

10. Enjoy peanut butter

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Enjoy peanut butter

In order to have a flat tummy, you have to get the proper nutrients while still cutting back on useless calories.

Peanut butter gives you lots of protein without bad fats, so a low-sugar variety is a great addition to your day.

11. Be careful around holidays

How to Get a Flat Tummy-Be careful around holidays

Sometimes the holidays can completely undermine your goal of a flat tummy!

There’s so much rich and delicious food everywhere, but it can leave you feeling bloated and unhealthy.

Try to limit your desserts and fatty foods. A few bites are all right, but not a giant helping!

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