Lower Belly Fat-Motivate yourself!

17 Simple Ways To Lower Belly Fat

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.

Lower Belly Fat-Motivate yourself!

It can be frustrating to persevere with a diet or to exercise routinely...

...only to see persistent belly fat that just won't go away.

For some women, this type of fat can be the most difficult to eliminate, and that can be discouraging.
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The good news is that there are some ways for you to take action and cut down on that extra fat.

In order to lower belly fat, it's better to make a few simple changes and wise choices every day, instead of focusing only on a strict diet or tiring exercise routine.

There's no magic cure for stubborn belly fat, and instead of trying only one solution, people should use many different techniques to get rid of their tummies.

We've gathered a few different strategies, including ways to eat healthier, exercise more efficiently, and find easy ways to stay moving.

These techniques don't cost much and don't require fancy equipment, so anyone can take action to help cut down on stubborn belly fat.

By using a few of these techniques every day, you can attack your belly from many directions at once, which is the most effective way to lose that weight.

17 Simple Ways To Lower Belly Fat

1. Increase protein levels

   Lower Belly Fat-Increase protein levels

By eating more protein, you can make your body help burn calories.

Nearly a third of the calories in protein get used during digestion, compared to less than 10% of the calories found in carbohydrates.

Put down the pasta and bread, and try lean meats or leafy greens instead.

2. Understand your food

 Lower Belly Fat-Understand your food

It's tempting to pick up pre-made food and drinks at the grocery store, but make sure you read those food labels! Check the nutrition facts for sugar, and be prepared for a surprise.

Added sugar can be found in everything from juices to ketchup to breakfast cereal, and eating too much sugar won't help lower belly fat.

3. Keep moving!

Lower Belly Fat-Keep moving

Make sure that you get up at least once every hour for a few minutes.

This will help improve circulation and general muscle health, while also burning more calories during the day.

4. Do your chores

  Lower Belly Fat-Do your chores

At the end of a long day, it's tempting to kick back and spend the evening sitting around.

Instead, tackle some of the home projects you've wanted to do. Dusting? Vacuuming? Organizing a closet?

All of those activities burn calories and can help you lower belly fat.

5. Change your snacks

Lower Belly Fat-Change your snacks

Instead of reaching for chips and other prepackaged food, try fruits and veggies.

Crunchy carrot sticks, pickles, or tasty apples and dried fruits will get you more nutritional value per calorie, while adding in fiber and helping you tame your cravings.

6. Motivate yourself!

Lower Belly Fat-Motivate yourself!

Find a great movie, book, or quote that inspires you to get up and stay moving.

Any visual reminder to improve your health and lower belly fat will keep you in the right mindset for change.

7. Set a goal

Lower Belly Fat-Set a goal

Even if you don't work out often, come up with a new goal to reach.

It could be running a mile, finishing a 5K, walking for thirty minutes every day, you name it!

The point is to set a milestone that you want to reach and work toward that goal every day.

8. Get smaller dishes

  Lower Belly Fat-Get smaller dishes

If you have huge plates and bowls at home, you probably load them up with more food than you really need.

Overeating every day can add up and turn into pounds of extra weight, which won't help you lower belly fat! Instead, get medium-sized dishes to resist the temptation for more food.

9. Cut your processed carbs

  Lower Belly Fat-Cut your processed carbs

Everyone knows to cut back on carbs, but it's worth repeating.

Even though bread, pasta, and snack foods are tasty, they won't help you lower belly fat. Instead, reach for healthier snacks or try more complex carbs, like whole-wheat products.

10. Eat more fiber

Lower Belly Fat-Eat more fiber

Since you're already fixing your diet, go one step further.

Add in foods with lots of fiber: beans, fruits, veggies, leafy greens, etc. They'll help fill you up with fewer calories.

11. Watch that salad dressing

Lower Belly Fat-Watch that salad dressing

Be careful when you're going out to eat or reaching for salad dressing at home.

Most premade dressings come with tons of fat and sugar, which doesn't help lower belly fat. Instead, ask for dressing on the side or make your own.

12. Eat consistently

Lower Belly Fat-Eat consistently

Skipping meals teaches your body to hoard fat instead of using it for fuel.

Eating regularly and adding in healthy snacks when you're hungry will get your body on the right track.

13. Cut down on TV

 Lower Belly Fat-Cut down on TV

Everyone loves watching one more episode, and one more, and one more, but that's a bad habit for your body.

Try to enjoy TV shows responsibly. If you do find yourself binge-watching (and everyone does!), then at least use the commercial breaks to your advantage. Get up, stretch, and spend a few seconds moving.

It will help burn calories and lower belly fat.

14. Have more water

 Lower Belly Fat-Have more water

Sometimes people start eating when all their body really wants is a drink.

Try to have a glass of water before each meal, because that'll help fill up your stomach and reduce the amount you eat.

15. Wait for seconds

Lower Belly Fat-Wait for seconds

Instead of filling up your plate right away with another helping, take a few minutes to have some water and listen to your body.

Usually you'll realize you aren't hungry after all, and the extra calories you avoid will help lower belly fat.

16. Brush those teeth

Lower Belly Fat-Brush those teeth

Take time during the day to brush your teeth. Your dentist will be happy, and you'll help reduce food cravings.

Not much mixes well with that minty feeling, so you'll be less tempted to snack.

17. Avoid sugary drinks

Lower Belly Fat-Avoid sugary drinks

The fastest way to pack on pounds is by drinking sugary beverages all day, like soda, sweetened tea, sugary coffee, and juice.

Just one glass can be a third of the daily recommended amount of sugar! Stick to water, unsweetened beverages, and other healthier choices.

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