19 Islands That Will Inspire You to Start a Flat Belly Workout

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Committing to a flat belly workout can be difficult.

Especially when you know there’s a lot of work ahead of you.

Recent studies have shown certain people perceive exercising to be more difficult than others.
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Whether you’re among this group of people or not, all it may take for you to finally decide to start working out is the right motivation.

When we’re not completely convinced we should start exercising, we tend to find a lot of excuses.

Things like “I’ll start on Monday”, or “I’ll make it my New Year’s resolution!”

Sometimes, we blame it on too much work or too many other problems we have to deal with on a daily basis.

But we rarely keep these promises we make.

The solution I propose today is simple:
Make a short environment change that inspires you to start a flat belly workout.

For instance, slimming the waistline is one of the more difficult tasks to take on when it comes to weight loss.

The exercises that help with that are tough, and results can be slow to appear.

Crunches are the most common form of exercises for the abdomen. While they’re hard to do, they come in many, many variations that you can try in order to target different group muscles.

Planks and side planks are ideal for a flat belly, and they offer the bonus of targeting a lot more group muscles all over the body.

Yoga and Pilates are awesome practices for those who want to develop a strong core, enhance their balance and flexibility.

Why the environment change?

Sometimes, all we need in order to make a hard decision stick is a small environmental change.

Getting away from all other problems will allow you to focus on a difficult task you want to accomplish.

Being in a different place can help you feel different and give you more confidence.

It may be just what you need to make some lifestyle changes.

So what could be better for a new, healthier lifestyle than going to an exotic place?

In the following list, I propose 19 islands that will inspire you to start a flat belly workout.

19 Islands that will inspire you to start a flat belly workout right away

1. The Biggest Loser Resort

Flat Belly Workout-Amelia Island

Don’t be put off by its name.

The Biggest Loser Resort actually refers to losing weight.
It is located on an island on the North East Florida coast looking over the Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to start a flat belly workout right now, this is your go-to destination.

The resort offers a variety of activities that will keep your body in check and help you lose weight.

And when you’re done working out, you can relax by the pool, take walks on the beach, or practice your golf swing!

2. San Juan Islands

Flat Belly Workout-San Juan Islands

The U.S. is a vast and beautiful place, with lots of islands to visit for relaxation.

But the San Juan Islands offer much more, including weight loss resorts that help you tone your belly.

One such resort is the Best of San Juans, where you’ll find the perfect getaway for your plans.

You’ll start a lifestyle plan that lasts and gives permanent results.

3. Melbourne, Florida

Flat Belly Workout-Melbourne Florida

Although practically a peninsula, Melbourne is a great place to start a flat belly workout regime.

Here you find special clinics that help people lose weight.

One such place is the Medi-Weightloss clinic.

It offers private consultations with personalized advice for your weight loss needs.

Here, you’ll learn that strict diets are not long-term solutions.

You'll get recommendations and support that will help you stay on the right track when you return home.

Melbourne is also a lovely place with sunny weather, so you’ll be able to focus on your goals better than before.

4. Bay Harbor Islands

Flat Belly Workout-Bay Harbor IslandsSource

Another beautiful location in Florida.

The Bay Harbor Islands are also equipped with the clinics that get you started on the weight loss program you want.

The Bay Harbor Bouari Clinic is just the place if you want to regain a flat stomach.

Here, you get a personalized nutrition program, and lots of exercise.

It sets you on the right path towards weight loss, even if you’re critically overweight.

Whether you want to check in the clinic or not, the beautiful landscapes of Bay Harbor Islands will inspire you to start exercising and eating healthier.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

Flat Belly Workout-Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu is imprinted in a lot of people’s minds as one of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world.

With exquisite landscapes and beautiful beaches, it’s the perfect destination when you want to get away from the daily routine and stress.

But like many other islands, it’s also a great place to visit when you want to start working out.

Take a week’s vacation and focus on creating a workout plan on your own.

Or get help from the Island Health Weight & Wellness.

They have weight loss teams ready to serve you and give guidance in mapping out a plan that suits your needs and expectations.

6. Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

Flat Belly Workout-Waikoloa Village Hawaii

Sticking around Hawaii, we find another island that caters to those who want a flat belly workout that provides permanent results.

Its most famous resort is the Kohala Spa which specializes in weight loss programs and other trainings that help both the mind and body.

It's a wonderful resort for both women and men.

The Kohala Spa offers yoga and Pilates classes, indoor cycling, massage therapy, tennis lessons, tai chi, and much more.

It’s definitely a great place to start a better lifestyle!

7. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Flat Belly Workout-Hilton Head Island South Carolina

If you’re not convinced that Florida is a great place to begin an effective weight loss routine, here's another special destination for you:

Hilton Head Island.

This spectacular resort is a wonderful target for tourists who want to relax and change environments.

Most of all, it’s one of the best places you can go to start that flat belly workout you’ve been postponing.

Like other islands on our list, you can also check in one of their weight loss retreats, such as the Hilton Head Health.

They encourage people to change the way they eat, think, and exercise so they can get the best results, and in the best possible shape!

8. Lake Garda, Italy

Flat Belly Workout-Lake Garda Italy

One of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic countries: Italy.

Here at Lake Garda, one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing lakes in the entire country, you’ll be able to lose weight with or without motivation.

But if you need the motivation, check out the Lefay Resort & Spa, where you can try some belly toning practices.

Things like Tai Chi, Pilates, or water gym exercises.

These will encourage the body to lose weight beautifully and with permanent results.

9. Cayman Islands

Flat Belly Workout-Cayman Islands

Practically three islands located near Cuba and Jamaica...

The Cayman Islands offer many resorts that specialize in helping their guests lose weight and get in shape.

You can find special resort gyms, life training centers, fitness retreats, yoga centers, cycling classes, etc.

Basically any kinds of activities you would like to try.

Do a little research on the Cayman Islands and choose a retreat that offers the kind of flat belly workout you could do regularly from now on.

10. Koh Samui, Thailand

Flat Belly Workout-Koh Samui Thailand

Thailand is one of those countries you never want to leave.

It looks like paradise on earth!

The island of Koh Samui is a perfect example of that.

However, Koh Samui is not just a honeymoon destination. It's the kind of place that inspires you to accomplish anything you want.

And as far as flat belly workouts go, you can find resorts for weight loss here as well.

Absolute Sanctuary is one of them.

Physical activities include resistance training, fit ball, Pilates or endurance training. All coupled with mindful, organic diets that include local, traditional ingredients.

11. Ibiza, Spain

Flat Belly Workout-Ibiza Spain

Known as one of the most fun and wild islands in the world.

Ibiza isn’t just a perfect location for all-day, all-night parties and beach shenanigans.

It’s also got some of the best weight loss centers in the world.

One to recommend is definitely the No1 Boot Camp.

This is exactly what it sounds like – a boot camp with military-style training programs.

It gets even the most stubborn guests to lose weight and in shape.

What’s more inspiring for a flat belly workout than a weight loss boot camp?

12. Virgin Islands

Flat Belly Workout-Virgin Islands

Another group of inspiring islands joining the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Virgin Islands are a superb location to get you motivated to finally start exercising.

You’ve probably already heard of the Virgin Islands, but it may have never occurred to you that you can go there to start losing weight and getting into a flat belly workout that does wonders.

Try the Weight Loss Virgin Islands, which help you lose weight through healthy eating and exercising.

13. Sovereign Islands, Queensland

Flat Belly Workout-Sovereign Islands Queensland

This time we’re taking a trip to Australia!

In the wonderful Sovereign Islands which boast lush vegetation, mesmerizing landscapes and to-die-for beaches.

Perhaps a bit on the costlier side...

The Sovereign Islands are nonetheless on the list of special islands that inspire you to start a flat belly workout.

There are several centers here with different characteristics, all aiming towards the same goal: aiding their residents to lose weight in a timely and effective manner.

14. Honomu, Hawaii

Flat Belly Workout-Honomu Hawaii

If you’re still not convinced by Hawaii, check out Honomu Island.

It’s not only a superb island, but also one of those remote places you want to visit and forget about the big city and all its agitation.

One of the weight loss centers you can try here is the Wellspring Hawaii.

You can be sure they’ll help you get on with the best flat belly workout and fitness routine that brings the results you’re looking to achieve.

15. Canary Islands

Flat Belly Workout-Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, are some of the most popular and beloved holiday destinations.

They offer relaxation, fun, and adventure for all types of people.

Tenerife is perhaps the best known of these islands, preferred by honeymoon couples.

But Tenerife isn’t just about being romantic and laying in the sun all day, it’s also a great location for you to embark on a flat belly workout routine.

For instance, the Juice & Health Retreat Tenerife.

This retreat offers exercising and special diet programs; it can be a boot camp, or a more relaxing weight loss destination depending on what you prefer.

16. The Channel Islands

Flat Belly Workout-Channel Islands

Located in the English Channel near Normandy.

The Channel Islands are a wonderful archipelago that provide a wide variety of amusements.

They’re an attractive location for surfers and beach goers where you can delight in fresh sea food.

You can take long walks on scenic routes and admire the lovely rural areas.

Like all things beautiful, the Channel Islands are also brimming with centers, spas and resorts for weight loss and exercising services.

Doesn’t it sound lovely to start a flat belly workout on a romantic European island?

17. Vancouver Island

Flat Belly Workout-Vancouver Island

Canada is another beautiful country.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to experience that ultimate flat belly workout that will help you regain a slim figure.

The destination this time is Vancouver Island (British Columbia). It's one of the biggest islands near the Pacific Ocean.

One of the many weight loss resorts you can try here is the Health Spa Retreat. They focus more on healthy eating habits and nutritional training.

The retreat is also an ideal location to start your own exercising routine.

You’re sure to see quick results if you combine working out with the healthy meals served here.

18. Kauai, Hawaii

Flat Belly Workout-Kauai Hawaii

Kauai is a special, exotic location in the Hawaiian archipelago

Surrounded by stunning scenery with luxuriant vegetation and pristine beaches, Kauai will definitely encourage you to start a flat belly workout.

And if you need help doing so, just make a reservation at the Halele’a Spa, which offers private training sessions and 24-hour fitness programs.

You can dabble in Pilates, yoga, weight exercises and cardio, plus many other activities like horseback riding, hiking and kayaking.

You could stay active all day every day here without feeling a moment of exhaustion!

19. Poovar Island, India

Flat Belly Workout-Poovar Island India

Let’s finish this list with a bang.

If you’re looking for a true retreat, a less known destination away from the big tourist routes, try Poovar Island in Kerala, India.

With lovely waterfront bungalows, friendly locals and all the holiday activities you could ever dream of, this is a place you’ll never want to leave.

Some of the resorts and spas you find here offer great weight loss services.

You’ll be able to practice yoga with expert teachers in the beautiful outdoors, go hiking, swim all day to burn calories, and blast away that belly fat!

What are you waiting for?

The time to book your flight and spot at one of these lovely destinations is now!
No more postponing, no more excuses, and no more delays

Here in front of you are 19 of the most beautiful places on this planet.

Each of them will inspire you to start a flat belly workout.

And if heaven on earth won’t convince you, I don’t know what else could work! haha

Islands are intrinsically magical precisely because they are patches of land surrounded by water.

Their remoteness allows us to focus, relax, feel better with ourselves, and be more confident.

And when your mind is in the right place, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

You will have the energy and inspiration to exercise every day without feeling fatigue or lack of motivation.

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