Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Beets

27 Best Veggies for Weight Loss

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Everyone knows that eating healthier food is key for managing weight...

But it can be tough to pick the right foods for your body.

Every vegetable has a different combination of nutrients.
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And each person has specific nutritional needs.

Some foods are right for everyone, while other people might need to be a little more careful when picking their produce.

Understanding how vegetables can affect your health will allow you to cut down on your weight and keep the pounds off.

People already know that eating foods with lots of fiber and plenty of vitamins and minerals is a good plan, but even more importantly, some veggies are better than others when it comes to maintaining weight.

Keep an eye out the next time you go grocery shopping, and pay attention to what you’re eating.

Sometimes you might be surprised to see how a particular veggie can help you stick to a healthier path! Once you start tracking the foods you eat, you’ll be able to make other healthy choices.

Using the information in this list, try to incorporate these veggies into your diet.

The 27 best veggies for weight loss

1. Kale

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Kale

This leafy green is popular right now, especially in smoothies and other surprising dishes.

Kale is a great addition to a healthy diet, because it has plenty of fiber to keep you feeling full for more of the day.

2. Collard greens

 Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Collard greens

Collard greens are in the same family as kale, so they share similar properties and are also some of the best veggies for weight loss.

This veggie is high in fiber and low calorie, making it a winning choice.

3. Spinach

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Spinach

Introducing another member of the leafy greens family! Spinach also has plenty of calcium and protein, which is important in a vegetable-based diet.

Making sure to get the proper amount of calcium is key when trying to lose weight, so try spinach if you aren’t making your daily recommended amount.

4. Broccoli

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Broccoli

Lots of kids hate broccoli when they’re little, but adults should know better! In addition to the high fiber content, broccoli also has a sizable amount of protein.

If you’re trying to cut calories by avoiding meats, add in broccoli to keep a balanced diet.

5. Cauliflower

 Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Cauliflower

Cauliflower is easy to mix into other dishes (like cauliflower mashed potatoes!), which makes it a good addition to any weight loss diet.

The antioxidants in cauliflower also help make it one of the best veggies for weight loss.

6. Cabbage

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Cabbage

Sometimes cabbage gets a bad rap, but its levels of fiber, protein, and antioxidants should be noticed.

Cabbage is easy to cook and to add to different dishes, so find a place for it in your healthy diet.

7. Brussels sprouts

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are another often-hated vegetable, but they’re packed with valuable nutrients. Brussels sprouts help you get calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, which are rare to find in vegetables.

If you don’t like eating fish, try Brussels sprouts to help get the nutrition you need.

8. Cucumber

 Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Cucumber

Everyone loves crunching on cucumber slices, and there’s great news about them if you’re trying to lose weight.

Since so much of a cucumber is water, there are very few calories in each piece. Try cucumber spears as a snack, and you’ll see why they’re one of the best veggies for weight loss.

9. Carrots

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Carrots

In addition to the high fiber content, carrots help you get beta-carotene, which helps reduce the risk of cancer.

It’s best to get this nutrient from natural sources (like carrots), so grab some carrots and start snacking.

10. Celery

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Celery

Celery also packs a high water content, which makes it a low calorie choice that helps beat cravings.

Try crunching on some celery the next time you crave an unhealthy snack, and let yourself enjoy one of the best veggies for weight loss instead.

11. Onions

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Onions

They’re great for flavoring other foods and meals, but onions also pack a lot of nutrition.

They have nearly a fourth of your daily recommended vitamin C, which is great if you’re cutting back on fruit!

12. Beets

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Beets

Beets are one of the best veggies for weight loss because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s tough to get these nutrients in other foods, so make sure to get beets in your diet occasionally.

13. Asparagus

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Asparagus

When you eat asparagus, you’re getting lots of vitamins and fiber.

That’s a good combination for feeling full and making your body work to digest its food, which in turn burns more calories.

14. Garlic

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Garlic

If you’re not the biggest fan of onions, you can get similar nutrients from garlic, which is part of the onion family.

Including garlic in your diet can help you maintain your cardiovascular health, and that’s good for anyone who wants to shed pounds.

15. Radish

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Radish

Many people only eat radishes on salad, but this food definitely belongs on the list of the best veggies for weight loss!

Radishes help keep the liver and stomach in tip-top shape, and they helps detox your body at the same time. What’s not to like?

16. Sweet potato

  Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Sweet potato

Just like carrots, sweet potatoes help fill you up with fiber and beta-carotene, which reduces your risk for some types of cancer.

The fiber makes your body absorb fewer calories, and that’s good for everyone.

17. Artichoke

 Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Artichoke

Artichokes perform plenty of important work for your body, like detoxifying it, adding fiber for good digestion, and reducing your risk of diabetes.

This means you can count on it as one of the best veggies for weight loss.

18. Chickpeas

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Chickpeas

The high protein content of chickpeas, along with their fiber, make a great addition to a healthy diet. They’re easy to add in salads and other dishes, so make an effort to try including chickpeas next time you cook.

19. Lentils

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Lentils

In addition to their high fiber levels, lentils have plenty of iron and potassium, two key nutrients for healthy eating.

See if you can add lentils to the next soup, stew, or meaty dish you make. You’ll get more protein and feel better!

20. Peppers

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Peppers

Peppers add color to every meal, along with great flavor. They’re a good source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, which give them a place on the list of the best veggies for weight loss.

21. Tomato

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Tomato

Sure, tomatoes are technically a fruit, but that shouldn’t stop you from having large servings of them!

Tomatoes are one of the best veggies for weight loss because they add vitamin C to your diet and lots of antioxidants.

22. Zucchini

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Zucchini

Zucchinis pack only a few calories per gram, making them a nutrient-rich addition to any meal.

They add vitamin A to your diet and hold up well under different cooking techniques, so you can prepare them in any way you’d like.

23. Butternut squash

  Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Butternut squash

Although this food isn’t in season all year, it’s a great choice to help moderate your blood sugar.

This leaves you feeling full longer and helps tame food cravings during the day.

24. Black eyed peas

 Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Black eyed peas

Along with a ton of fiber, black eyed peas have lots of protein and complex carbs.

That means your body spends more time digesting the peas, which helps to keep you feeling full.

25. Snow peas

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Snow peas

One of the great parts about snow peas is their satisfying crunch.

They're easy to add to many other dishes, and they add a lot of vitamin C and iron to your diet. That helps make them one of the best veggies for weight loss!

26. Turnips

  Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Turnips

Turnips are an often ignored veggie, and that’s too bad!

They have a similar texture to potatoes, which makes them easy to blend into any kind of potato dish.

That’ll help you cut back on calories while still eating your favorite foods.

27. Corn

Best Veggies For Weight Loss-Corn

In addition to all of the fiber in corn, this veggie has plenty of antioxidants and other nutrients that help reduce the risk for diabetes.

It deserves a spot on the list of the best veggies for weight loss!

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