Lose Stomach Fat With-Twizzlers

27 Best Ever Candies to Lose Stomach Fat

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If you’re on a strict diet, giving up sweets is tough!

Some people love to have a sweet treat after they’ve finished eating.

Thankfully there are some healthier choices if you need a candy.
But you’ll have to be mindful and make sure to pick those options when you feel a craving coming on.

Once you know which choices are healthier than others, it’ll be easier for you to make a wise decision.

That way you can reach for a healthier chocolate bar or bag of sweets, instead of grabbing what your old choice would have been.

Make sure to think carefully as you read through this list and see which your biggest offenders are.

Does chocolate tempt you the most?

Or sour-sweet candies?

Or fruity candies?

Or some other dessert?

Whatever you crave most, find a healthier choice here and switch in order to lose stomach fat.

27 Best-Ever Candies To Lose Stomach Fat

1. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate

If you just can’t give up your dark chocolate, then at least switch to the healthiest drug store version you can find.

This classic treat is easy to find in almost any store, and it gives you the healthy antioxidants of dark chocolate without all of the added sugar.

Just stick to a few bars.

2. Twizzlers

For people who love fruity snacks, Twizzlers are tempting.

They have a great flavor but not as many calories as other fruity candies, so they’re a healthier choice.

They also have a lower fat content than many other candies, which helps as you try to lose stomach fat.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Twizzlers

3. Peanut M&Ms

Instead of just grabbing a handful of chocolate and calling it a day, try swapping out your typical chocolate snack with peanut M&Ms.

You’ll cut out some of the calories you’d otherwise eat by switching peanuts for extra chocolate, and you’ll get a satisfying crunch to top things off. Give them a try!

4. Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups

Sometimes only a great flavor combination can stop your cravings as you try to lose stomach fat.

Instead of feeling deprived, have a few mini Reese’s peanut butter cups.

You’ll get your chocolate fix and little bit of added protein, thanks to the peanut butter.

Just don’t get the jumbo size.

5. Tootsie rolls

Another chocolate candy that can cut your cravings!

A few tootsie rolls only have a handful of calories, and the chewy texture can keep you from craving more candies for a while.

Try stashing a few at home so you’re not tempted to get even more sugary food.

They’re also easy to carry with you if you need a midday snack.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Peanut M&Ms

6. Three Musketeers

When you’re trying to lose stomach fat, sometimes candies that look unhealthy can actually help.

Since Three Musketeers bars are actually filled with a whipped filling, they don’t have as many calories as candy bars of similar sizes.

So try a few fun-size pieces and see if they help hit the spot.

7. Tootsie roll lollipop

Some people love candy, but they hate how it gets eaten so quickly.

When you’re trying to lose stomach fat, sometimes you want your treat to last.

Try a lollipop (with a chewy center!) the next time you feel a craving, and you might be surprised by how long this kind of candy can last.

8. Paydays

This kind of candy bar is a good choice when you like chocolate and peanuts.

When you’re trying to lose stomach fat, you’ll also benefit from the protein in the peanuts, which have some fiber too.

Try out a full bar, because there isn’t as much added sugar as you’d expect.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups

9. Mounds

Sometimes you need a mix of chocolate and fruity taste to satisfy your cravings.

In that case, try Mounds!

When you want to lose stomach fat, this candy bar can keep your cravings under control, thanks to the coconut shavings and the dark chocolate layer.

Give it a try next time you want a candy.

10. Almond Joy

If you like Mounds but want a little something extra, try an Almond Joy instead.

In addition to the dark chocolate and shaved coconut in this bar, there’s something extra—a whole almond on each bar.

That helps give you a little more healthy fat and fiber, which is good when you’re trying to lose stomach fat.

11. Raisinetes

These candies are a little healthier than most, because they start off with dried fruit.

They come in different varieties, such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and yogurt.

The best choice is dark chocolate, because you get the added antioxidants from chocolate as you get nutrients from the raisins.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Almond Joy

12. Kit Kats

Kit Kats are healthier than many people think, because they aren’t solid chocolate.

The wafer cookie in the center helps cut down on the candies’ total weight and reduce the amount of sugar, all while giving them a pleasing crunch.

As long as you only have one pack, you’ll continue to lose stomach fat.

13. Jolly Ranchers

When you need a candy that will keep you busy for a while, try popping a Jolly Rancher, or even two if you want!

Because these candies take a while to break down in your mouth, their effect on your body is more limited.

Since they’ll keep you busy, you don’t have to feel guilty if you have one in the afternoon.

14. Dum Dum lollipop

Another choice when you’re trying to lose stomach fat is a Dum Dum lollipop or two, because these tiny lollipops last a while and come in tons of flavors.

Because they’re small, they don’t have many calories or lots of sugar.

You can have one guilt-free to reward yourself for your hard work.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Mike and Ikes

15. Nestle Crunch

Just like Kit Kats, there’s something extra in Nestle Crunch bars.

The rise crispies help cut down on the candy’s weight, so you’re not eating as many calories as you might think.

That way, you can have a few more bars to get the same number of calories, or just stick to a few for a healthier choice.

16. Air Head

If you need a sweet and sour treat, you can take an Air Head without feeling guilty as you lose stomach fat.

The mini bars don’t have much added sugar, and they come in tons of flavors.

Try one if you prefer fruity tastes to chocolate candies, and see if that helps you beat your afternoon cravings.

17. Mike and Ikes

People that like fruity candies might want to try Mike and Ikes, because they pack lots of different flavors into one candy box.

The snack-size portions help you limit the amount of sugar you’re eating, but they also let you have a variety of flavors in one candy.

Give them a try!

Lose Stomach Fat With-York peppermint patties

18. SweetTarts

If you prefer to have a sweet and sour kind of candy, you might want to reach for a roll of SweetTarts as you lose stomach fat.

Because lots of different flavors come in one package, you can get a variety of tastes in just one snack.

That’s good news when you want to beat a bunch of cravings.

19. Heath bars

People who love chocolate and a little bit of crunch can enjoy a small Heath bar once in a while, because they blend dark chocolate with a crunch toffee center.

While the toffee center adds a lot of sugar, the small size makes them easy to add to your healthy diet as an occasional treat.

20. Smarties

When you just need to have something sweet, a roll of Smarties can come in handy.

There are several different flavors in each roll, and each piece can be crunchy or melt in your mouth, depending on how patient you are.

They’re also easy to throw in your bag for later in the day.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Smarties

21. York peppermint patties

Because these patties come individually wrapped, they can help you limit your candy intake as you lose stomach fat.

If you can make yourself stick to just one or two, you won’t go over your sugar limits for the day.

Plus, the peppermint taste can help dull your cravings later so you don’t add in more junk food!

22. Peeps

Even though these candies are mostly made of sugar, they have a pretty low density.

Most of what’s inside a Peep is just air, and that’s good news when you want to lose stomach fat.

If you can limit yourself to one Peep, you’ll be able to tame your craving for sugar while not killing your whole diet.

23. Skittles

Because these candies come in an easy to control, fun size portion, it’s easy to make sure that you limit your portion size.

You’ll get a ton of fruity flavors in each bag, which is great variety as you try to beat your afternoon craving.

Try eating a small bag instead of chowing down on a candy that’s more sugary.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Skittles

24. Almond milk chocolate bar

If you want a different kind of chocolate taste as you lose stomach fat, try a chocolate bar with a different type of flavor.

Chocolate bars with nuts help give you a little extra fiber, which means that your body can get a little nutrition as you enjoy your sugar.

Check out different brands to see what they offer.

25. Now and Laters

The best part of these candies is how long it takes to eat them!

Since there are several little pieces in each serving, you’ll get to enjoy your candy during the day, instead of eating it all at once.

That can help reduce the cravings you may feel as you lose stomach fat, which is good news.

26. Hershey’s Kisses

Since these candies come individually wrapped, you can grab one to snack on and not worry about blowing your chances to lose stomach fat.

Picking the dark chocolate version is a wise move, because you’ll get a little more of the nutritional benefits than if you go with the traditional version.

Lose Stomach Fat With-Almond milk chocolate bar

27. Dark chocolate M&Ms

Another good choice as you’re cutting your cravings are dark chocolate M&Ms, because they have the antioxidants of dark chocolate and come in a small package.

If you can limit yourself to a small, fun size portion, you won’t have to worry about ruining your whole diet.

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