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32 Foods That Reduce Bloating (#2 is delicious!)

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Foods That Reduce Bloating-Eggplants-H

One of the annoying things about losing weight is that sometimes you can’t see results right away.

That’s especially true if there are foods in your diet that make you feel bloated.

Which might be why your results aren’t as good as you might like.
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Thankfully there are some foods that reduce bloating which can help you slim down.

This is also one of the problems people have that’s mostly based on diet, instead of exercise.

That means you can take steps to reduce bloating without adding in a ton of extra exercise.

Instead, go back to what you eat and think about the unhealthy choices you make.

It’s likely that your bloating comes from these foods, instead of from other sources.

Reduces Bloating Fast

Pick a few foods that you can use as a snack.

Then once you’ve found a few foods that reduce bloating that you enjoy, you can move on to finding foods for lunches and dinners.

32 Foods That Reduce Bloating

1. Bananas

 Foods That Reduce Bloating-Bananas

In addition to the high fiber content, bananas pack a lot of potassium.

That helps lower your water retention rate, which is a primary cause for most bloating.

The best part is that bananas are fine to eat on their own, and also great mixed into other foods.

2. Cantaloupe

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Cantaloupe

This delicious type of melon can be a great choice as one of the foods that reduce bloating.

There is a lot of potassium in this fruit, and it comes with a high water content and low calories.

That makes this a low calorie snack that you can indulge in.

3. Kale

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Kale

Here’s a tasty leafy green that gives you a lot of nutritional benefits without a high cost.

You can add in plenty of protein to your diet by eating kale, and it has a lot of helpful nutrients.

Best of all, it has a lot of fiber and not a lot of calories.

4. Spinach

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Spinach

Some people don’t enjoy the taste of kale, but they still need the nutritional benefits that come packed in this leafy green.

For those people, spinach can be a good alternative.

There’s plenty of protein and a high water content, which makes this one of the great foods that reduce bloating.

5. Lettuce

 Foods That Reduce Bloating-Lettuce

Some people already eat a lot of lettuce on their salads, and that’s good news.

For everyone else, adding lettuce is a smart dieting move.

The high water content means you can eat a lot without taking in too many calories, making it one of the foods that reduce bloating.

6. Olive oil

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Olive oil

It’s helpful to cook your meals with olive oil, because this is a healthy oil to heat up.

It contains several healthy chemicals that improve how your body breaks down fat, and that makes it one of the good foods that reduce bloating.

7. Whole grain bread

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Whole grain bread

Everyone knows to cut out white bread when they’re trying to lose weight, but it’s important to know why.

Whole grain bread has a lot more fiber, so it’s one of the foods that reduce bloating.

Fiber works by keeping your blood sugar stable and helping you stay full longer.

8. Artichokes

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Artichokes

Now’s the time to add artichokes to your diet.

This healthy food has almost a third of the fiber you need in a day, and that makes it an awesome choice to keep your digestive system running at full strength.

Try adding some to your salads, or steam whole artichokes to snack on, or add them to sandwiches.

9. Avocados

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Avocados

You may have heard that avocados add plenty of healthy fat to your diet, and that’s true.

These fruits pack in a lot of filling fat that helps keep you full, as well as a bundle of antioxidants that will help keep you satisfied during the day.

10. Brown rice

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Brown rice

This complex carb is a great choice as you try to reduce bloating, because it takes your body a while to digest.

Instead of indulging in white rice, swap in brown rice instead.

Your body will thank you as it stays bloat free, and you won’t feel a sugar crash like you do after eating refined carbs.

11. Lentils

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Lentils

You might not think about these often, but lentils actually have a ton of helpful ingredients that make them one of the foods that reduce bloating.

They have a lot of protein, fiber, and complex carbs, so your body has to work to break them down.

That helps you stay full longer, and helps your tummy avoid bloating.

12. Kimchi

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Kimchi

You’re probably used to this food from Korean dishes, but it’s good to eat with many other things.

The fermented cabbage and other ingredients contain plenty of healthy bacteria, like the kind you get from yogurt.

That means you will stay healthy as you digest your food, and your body will thank you.

13. Oatmeal

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Oatmeal

This breakfast staple is a good choice for several reasons.

It comes in tons of flavors, it’s a good way to add in trail mix and other nuts to your diet, and it includes a lot of fiber to keep you full during the day.

That means you won’t have to have many unhealthy snacks during the day, and you can enjoy a good breakfast by including it.

14. Probiotic yogurt

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Probiotic yogurt

Most yogurts come with live active bacteria cultures, but that’s a good thing!

This kind of bacteria helps your body digest food more efficiently while avoiding the uncomfortable bloating you get from other foods.

That makes yogurt one of the foods that reduce bloating.

15. Salmon

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Salmon

Some people already include salmon in their diets, which is good news.

If you haven’t yet, make sure that you start eating it.
There are many types of healthy fat in salmon, which helps you stay full, and it doesn’t make you feel bloated like some other kinds of meat.

That makes it a healthy choice for everyone.

16. Mackerel

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Mackerel

For some people, the taste of salmon may not be too exciting.

That’s all right, because there are several kinds of fatty fish with the same benefits.

Try some mackerel as part of your next dinner, and see if you prefer this kind of fish.

It still has all of the health benefits of salmon, but with a different taste and texture.

17. Apples

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Apples

These fruits really are superfruits!

Apples are some of the foods that reduce bloating because they have a high fiber content and not a lot of sugar, which is good news when you’re trying to have a healthy diet.

Try an apple in the mornings or for an afternoon snack, and see if you feel more full during the day.

18. Cucumbers

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Cucumbers

You don’t just have to eat cucumbers in your salad.

These crunchy veggies are great for helping to beat bloating, because they have a high water content and low calories.

They also help your body cut back on its water retention, and that is exactly what you need as you try to beat bloating for good.

19. Tomatoes

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Tomatoes

Everyone loves tomatoes, and there are plenty of reasons why.

In addition to the high antioxidant content that helps make tomatoes a superfood, they have plenty of helpful vitamins and minerals.

If you want to cut back on bloating, enjoy the high water content and potassium levels in this fruit.

20. Blueberries

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Blueberries

There are a delicious summer favorite, especially because of the nutritional content of blueberries.

They add a lot of fiber and helpful nutrients to your diet, and that means your body can digest food better while still getting all the nutrients it needs.

Try blueberries as part of your breakfast or for a healthy snack.

21. Strawberries

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Strawberries

These are another one of the foods that reduce bloating because of the high water content and the fiber you find in strawberries.

They make a great addition to yogurts and breakfast cereals, or you can have them in smoothies or as a snack.

Because there isn’t much sugar, you don’t need to feel guilty about including them in your healthy diet.

22. Raspberries

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Raspberries

So many berries are foods that reduce bloating, and raspberries are no exception.

These fruits are particularly good to add to your water, because they can infuse your water with a delicious fruity taste without a lot of sugar.

Try adding them to your next water pitcher and see if you like what happens.

23. Cranberries

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Cranberries

This particular fruit is one of the foods that reduce bloating because cranberries naturally help your body get rid of extra water.

They’re pretty tart to eat alone, so try to find cranberry juice without a lot of added sugar, or add in some to salads or as a garnish for other dishes.

Or if you like eating them alone, go for it!

24. Celery

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Celery

Celery is one of the diet staples that everyone knows about, but you still probably don’t eat enough to get the full health benefits.

Because celery has such a high water content, there are barely any calories in each stalk.

That makes it a healthy snack that fills you up without packing on pounds.

25. Asparagus

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Asparagus

Try getting used to grilled or roasted asparagus, or add it to your salads.

Because there is a lot of potassium in each asparagus stalk, this veggie helps your body get rid of extra water, making it one of the foods that reduce bloating.

Try having them with olive oil, salt and pepper if you aren’t used to the flavor.

26. Eggplants

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Eggplants

Eggplants are one of the foods that reduce bloating that are especially good for people who don’t eat a lot of meat.

The meaty texture of eggplant means it holds up well against grilling, and it can also be a good addition to sandwiches.

It has almost no sodium, so it won’t make your body retain extra water.

27. Watermelon

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Watermelon

This tasty summer treat is one of the foods that reduce bloating because of its high water content.

Its sweet taste doesn’t come with unhealthy artificial sugar, so you can eat it in the mornings with breakfast or in the evenings for a healthier dessert option.

Look for it when it’s in season.

28. Honeydew melon

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Honeydew melon

Some people don’t love how watery slices of watermelon can be, so honeydew melon can be a good alternative.

This kind of melon has a little bit of a denser body, so it’s more substantial when you eat it.

There’s also a lot of vitamins that can help your body stay healthy, making it one of the foods that reduce bloating.

29. Almonds

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Almonds

The next time you need a crunchy snack, try grabbing a handful of almonds instead of junk food and other unhealthy options.

Because of the high protein content of almonds, they can help boost your energy during a long day.

Just make sure to avoid the flavored almonds, since they pack a lot of sodium.

30. Eggs

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Eggs

When you’re trying to make breakfast plans for the next week, think about adding in some eggs.

Eating a whole egg gives you healthy fats and protein, which help you stay full during the day and reduces your impulse to snack more.

That makes them a great addition to your healthy diet.

31. Shrimp

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Shrimp

Although you might not have realized it, shrimp are one of the foods that reduce bloating because of their protein content.

They also don’t pack a lot of calories, so you can add them in to your healthy diet without a lot of problems.

32. Lemon water

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Lemon water

Before your next meal, make sure to fill up on some lemon water.

This healthy choice is great for reducing your cravings and making sure that your body only eats the food it really needs.

Just have a glass before your next dinner and see how it makes you feel.

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There you go, 32 foods that reduce bloating!

Little by little, you can add in foods from above and you'll feel better about your body.

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