Weight Loss vacation - Red Mountain, Utah - H

32 Weight Loss Vacations Filled With Fun & Adventure

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Weight Loss vacation - Red Mountain, Utah - H

It’s easy to go on vacation and completely stop exercising or staying active.

However, that’s not what time off has to be.

By going on a weight loss vacation, you can stick to your healthy goals while enjoying some time away.
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Instead of picking your next vacation based on the best beach...

...think about places where you can go that offer you health benefits as well.

Relaxes your body, soothes your soul, and indulges your senses

There are luxury weight loss places with great accommodations and gourmet healthy food, or more rustic places that offer lots of outdoor activities.

Some even have a psychological health component that lets you go to group counseling sessions to chat about your weight loss challenges, or places where you can get massages to relax at the end of a rough day.

Look for weight loss vacations at your favorite destinations and stick to your health goals.

32 Weight Loss Vacations Filled With Fun & Adventure

1. The Farm in the Philippines

This resort includes a lot of luxury details, including fresh and healthy vegan meals at the on-site café.

There’s even an organic garden at the resort, so you can learn all about adding organic produce to your healthy diet.

Stopping at the spa will relax your body and mind before you leave, making this one of the full service weight loss vacations.

2. Maalifushi by Como, the Maldives

For a bit of a different feel, head to this tropical destination during the winter blues.

Taking your weight loss vacations here means that you can swim with sea turtles and scuba dive at coral reefs while still burning calories.

You can get massages at open air pavilions by the sea, making this one of the more beautiful weight loss vacations out there.

3. Point Yamu, Thailand

Here’s another great exotic location that offers plenty of health benefits.

You can enjoy weight loss vacations here by getting massages, or by staying active with healthy foods and activities.

You can even go into the city and explore local life in Thailand, which is pretty exciting.

4. Paradis Plage, Morocco

This resort offers weight loss vacations with a blend of beach and dry land activities.

There is a lot of on-site yoga, so you can start getting relaxed while still getting to enjoy the wonderful views.

There are also plenty of opportunities for learning new ocean activities at this resort.

5. Red Mountain, Utah

While you won’t find the ocean during weight loss vacations here, you will get to go on hiking activities, or learn about mountain biking and horseback riding.

There are chances to go rock climbing, and you can also get a massage at the end of a long day.

Personal consultations help keep your weight goals on track while you’re away.

6. Terre Blanche, France

This place is perfect for weight loss vacations because of the huge range of the resort.

They offer every kind of activity that you could imagine, so there’s something for everyone to do as they work on weight loss goals.

You can get special weight loss treatments on top of the normal activities.

7. SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

This is one of the most luxurious resorts for weight loss vacations, and it offers a lot of benefits.

You can get nutritional consultations, medical check-ups, and coaching on healthy lifestyle choices before you go back to your normal life.

There are even workshops for managing your stress and sleeping better.

8. Vitality Hotel Punta, Croatia

When you want beautiful weight loss vacations, make sure that you try looking here! There’s a gorgeous beach right by the resort will lovely views of the coast.

You can customize your activities to match your interests, which is great if you prefer not to do group activities.

There’s also options for great Mediterranean food.

9. Adler Thermae, Italy

This isn’t just one of the great places for weight loss vacations, it’s also home to world heritage hot springs that are great for some relaxation.

You can come here to enjoy the spa, or you can spend your time doing more physical activities to work on your fitness.

Either way, you’ll enjoy your vacation.

10. Vana Malsi Estate, India

This resort wants to become world famous, and it should! There are great views of fruit tree orchards and the Himalaya mountains, and it’s a good place to go when you’re single.

You can combine the spa therapies with guided meditation and fitness activities, which will refresh your body and mind.

11. The Banjaran, Malaysia

This particular resort is a great place for weight loss vacations because of its scenic jungle location.

You can choose from programs that help you lose weight, detox, or boost your metabolism while eating the healthy food and enjoying outdoor activities.

There are even natural steam caves for relaxing at the end of the day.

12. Fusion Maia, Vietnam

There are plenty of options at this resort, including little-known activities like laughter breathing and sun salutations for restoring your mind as well as your body.

There is a different theme every day, so you won’t get bored if you choose to have a long visit.

13. The Art of Living Retreat Center, Boone, N.C.

This particular retreat is a great place for weight loss vacations because of its focus on the mind/body connection.

That means you can spend the mornings hiking and the afternoons unwinding with spa treatments and meditation techniques.

14. Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, New Mexico

The gorgeous desert scenery surrounding this resort make it a great place to go for weight loss vacations.

There are workshops ranging from different physical activities to more hands-on activities like kayaking or writing memoirs.

There’s even a labyrinth designed for mindfulness practices.

15. The Silent Stay Retreat Hermitage, Vacaville, CA

This resort has some interesting features, like the request that guests remain silent during their stays.

While this might seem ridiculous at first, this actually helps people stay calm and enjoy their vacations.

There are meditation sessions to help you reconnect with your mind and with nature.

16. Fitpacking (multiple locations)

If you’ve always wanted to explore more national parks in the United States, check out this travel organization and see if you like the programs.

If you sign up for a trip with Fitpacking, you’ll get one or two week long guided backpacking excursions in whichever parks you choose.

17. Mountain Trek (British Columbia and Baja California)

This particular resort offers several different programs at its locations.

You can do on hikes with other guests while you learn about clean eating, do yoga, and work on your stress management.

That way you can return to your normal life with tips and techniques to help you succeed.

18. Rancho La Puerta, Baja California

When you think of weight loss vacations, this resort should come to mind.

This was the first fitness resort founded in North America, so the staff clearly know what they are doing.

In addition to all the fitness activities, you can learn how to make healthy meals through cooking classes and have some personal training sessions as well.

19. Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, CA

This particular resort used to only be accessible for celebrities and athletes, but now anyone can go as long as they make reservations in advance.

There are several different boot camps offered at the resort, and there’s also help on integrating wellness into your personal life and your workplace activities.

20. Canyon Ranch (multiple locations)

You may have seen ads or heard about friends who’ve gone to this camp for adults, but Canyon Ranch really does have a lot to offer.

There are lots of workouts for you to enjoy, along with healthy food and plenty of activities to keep your day busy.

There are also executive programs when you need a shorter stay.

21. Miraval Resort, Tuscon

There are plenty of unique features at this resort, including the idea of mindfulness being front and center of every activity.

There are many different ways for you to experience mindful practices at this resort, and it’ll teach you a lot about yourself, your own body, and your mind.

22. Pravassa (multiple locations)

This travel company exclusively offers wellness tours to its customers, and they go to places like New Mexico and Thailand! These vacations will feature physical activity, spiritual connection, education about local cultures, cooking classes, and ways to reduce stress.

Those sound like perfect weight loss vacations!

23. Amazon-Andes Sky, Ecuador

This particular company runs yoga and meditation retreats in Ecuador.

You can go horseback riding, visit a UNESCO heritage site, learn all about cultural uses of a certain type of plant, and go through guided meditation to become more comfortable with your mind and body, all on one action-packed trip.

24. The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida

This resort is known around the world for its wonderful spa treatments, and you can find things from massages to typical manicures and pedicures to more outlandish treatments.

This is a great place to go when you need some serious rest and relaxation before returning to work and your job.

25. Even Hotels (multiple locations)

You don’t often see an entire hotel chain that focuses on wellness, but that’s exactly what you get with Even Hotels.

All of their hotels focus on healthy eating, fitness, and relaxation, which is the perfect beginning of weight loss vacations.

Try out their locations on the East Cost of the USA.

26. The BodyHoliday, Caribbean

This particular kind of resort is great for single travelers, and they often have promotions for people traveling solo.

You can enjoy plenty of activities to get you in shape, along with helpful courses on keeping the well-being going at home.

You’ll also make a lot of like-minded friends!

27. 38 Degrees, North Aguas de Ibiza

If the beautiful scenery on this island isn’t an inspiration for you, nothing will be! This resort is a five-star hotel, and it’s also small enough to feel like a family owned business.

That means you’ll get attentive care, but you won’t have to miss out on any of the amenities for larger places.

28. GI Jane Boot Camp, UK

When you want unique weight loss vacations, check out this boot camp for more information.

You can choose how long you’ll stay, and you’ll work with a small and supportive team the whole time.

Together, you’ll work on fitness and nutritional goals while bonding with your friends and your trainers.

29. Grand Park Hotel and Spa, Austria

This resort also provides you with great accommodations in addition to the strong health and wellness center you’ll have access to.

You can combine your favorite physical activities with trips to the spa, talking with the natives, or getting helpful therapeutic sessions so you’re ready to return to life outside of the resort.

30. Grayshott Spa, UK

This smaller resort is built in a former country manor, making it a lovely location for a fitness retreat.

There are plenty of healthy dining options and fitness classes that will appeal to everyone, making this a great choice for people who need to get away and stay healthy as the same time.

31. Thanyapura, Thailand

The best part of this resort is how the staff can teach you new skills, especially for water activities!

Many visitors here want to adapt to a healthier lifestyle but aren’t sure how to start, and this place makes getting on the right track easier.

32. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

For the yoga buffs, this resort makes a great vacation.

The yoga facilities are some of the best in the world, and you can work on your overall fitness and health at the same time.

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The vacations you just saw will improve your health, soothe your mind, and increase your dedication to your health goals.

So think about weight loss vacations for your next trip.

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