The 33 Best Flat Belly Snacks

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Get A Flat Belly With-Fruit and waffles

Sometimes afternoon cravings can test your resolve.

Especially when you’re trying to stick with a diet and get a flat belly.

That’s why it is important to plan for healthy snacks as part of your diet.
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That’s something that we can all have trouble with at some time.

So it’s key to find snacks that won’t ruin your flat belly plans.

We’ve collected a bunch of different snacks that come in under a hundred calories but still satisfy your cravings for sweet, salty, crunchy, and all of the above foods!

Eat More Weigh Less

Plan a little while grocery shopping and you’ll be able to stay on track for a flat belly.

A little extra prep time on weekends will get you a long way during the week.

Try out a few of these and see how well you like them!

The 33 Best Flat Belly Snacks

1. Berries with cream

Get A Flat Belly With-Berries with cream

If you grab a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries and some low-sugar whipped topping or cream, you’ve got the makings for a delicious snack.

You’ll get plenty of antioxidants and some fiber from the berries.

The cream will stop your cravings and give you a little extra calcium.

2. Chocolate covered strawberries

Get A Flat Belly With-Chocolate covered strawberries

Take a few large strawberries and dip them in melted dark chocolate.

As long as you only eat a few of these tasty treats, you’ll be able to get the health benefits without too much added sugar.

Your afternoon energy will also shoot up, making this a great flat belly choice.

3. Low sugar S’mores

 Get A Flat Belly With-Low sugar S’mores

Instead of piling on the chocolate and marshmallows, just use one square of dark chocolate and one toasted marshmallow.

That will help give you some of the sugar and satisfying crunch that you crave, without wrecking your flat belly plans.

You can even make this in the microwave!

4. Banana vanilla smoothie

Get A Flat Belly With-Banana vanilla smoothie

When you want your snacks in liquid form, you can turn to the trusty smoothie to get you what you need.

Combine a banana with some ice and some vanilla yogurt to get a great energy boost at the end of a long day.

Plus, as long as you choose low-sugar yogurt, you won’t pack on the calories.

5. Fig Newtons

Get A Flat Belly With-Fig Newtons

A good way to get some extra fruit and protein into your diet is by eating a few Fig Newtons during the day.

You’ll also boost your fiber intake, which is great news if you want to stay full longer and keep your body feeling its best.

Just limit it to a few of these snacks at a time.

6. Chocolate bananas

 Get A Flat Belly With-Chocolate bananas

If you can’t avoid sugary snacks while you try to get a flat belly, at least make healthy substitutions.

If you freeze a banana and dip it into a square of dark chocolate, you’ll have a tasty way to enjoy fruit.

You’ll also get a little antioxidant boost from the dark chocolate.

7. Frozen grapes

Get A Flat Belly With-Frozen grapes

These make a perfect summer snack while you work on your flat belly, because grapes are naturally pretty sweet.

If you pop a bag into the freezer, you can have bunches during the day as you feel yourself getting hungry.

Don’t feel guilty about snacking on these!

8. Honey and yogurt

Get A Flat Belly With-Honey and yogurt

Some people try yogurt just for breakfast, but it also makes a good snack.

Add in a little honey and some cinnamon to get a great flavor combination.

You’ll be able to work on your flat belly while also cutting down on your cravings for sweets. Stick to unflavored Greek yogurt, though.

9. Applesauce

Get A Flat Belly With-Applesauce

It’s not just for kids! Grown-ups can enjoy this tasty treat as well, as long as it’s not full of sugar.

Try making it at home for full control of the sugar content, or buy unsweetened applesauce from the store.

It’ll help you feel full without ruining your plans for a flat belly.

10. Fruit and waffles

Get A Flat Belly With-Fruit and waffles

As long as you stock up on whole-wheat frozen waffles, you’ll be ready to have this tasty treat.

If you enjoy crunchy snacks but need something sweet, cut up some fresh fruit to put on top of your waffles.

That’ll give you plenty of tasty food to enjoy without a lot of guilt.

11. A whole pear

Get A Flat Belly With-A whole pear

When pears are in season, they can hit the spot if you need something sweet.

As long as you stick to one ripe pear, you won’t wreck your flat belly diet.

Try adding a little cinnamon or other spices to make it even more of a delicious treat!

12. Protein shake

Get A Flat Belly With-Protein shake

If you have some healthy protein powder at home, try whipping up your own protein shake to kill your cravings.

You’ll get to add some much-needed protein to your diet, but you’ll also be able to work on your flat belly by getting some extra fiber.

Make sure to pick a flavor you enjoy.

13. Homemade popsicle

 Get A Flat Belly With-Homemade popsicle

Once you have a little juice left, pour the extra into a paper cup and stick it in the freezer.

By the next day, you’ll have a healthy popsicle to tide you over between meals.

You’ll get extra vitamin C from eating juice, and that’s always good news when you’re trying to be healthy.

14. Cucumber slices

Get A Flat Belly With-Cucumber slices

The next time you need something savory, slice up some cucumbers and add a spicy vinegar dressing.

You’ll get plenty of delicious taste from the veggies, and because of their high water content they don’t pack a lot of calories.

You can mix up any kind of dressing you like, so change it based on what you’re craving.

15. Rosemary potatoes

Get A Flat Belly With- Rosemary potatoes

When there are leftover potatoes and fresh rosemary, roast the extra potatoes with some olive oil.

The rosemary flavor goes perfectly with crispy potatoes, and you’ll get some of the health benefits of olive oil at the same time.

16. Kale chips

Get A Flat Belly With-Kale chips

Kale has become a pretty popular veggie recently, and it’s easy to see why.

This leafy green packs plenty of protein into each bite, but you might have gotten tired of it in salad.

Instead, try baking it with olive oil until the leaves are crispy.

You’ll get the nutrition you need with a nice crisp taste.

17. Shrimp cocktail

  Get A Flat Belly With-Shrimp cocktail

Sometimes traditional snacks aren’t healthy when you want a flat belly, but this is one snack that you can keep munching.

Shrimp have plenty of helpful nutrients, and as long as you go easy on the sugary cocktail sauce, you’ll avoid a calorie bomb.

Try this the next time you crave a tasty snack.

18. Carrots and hummus

 Get A Flat Belly With-Carrots and hummus

This tried and true favorite is a great snack when you want a flat belly, because it’s got both protein and fiber.

That keeps you full while also giving you energy during the day.

The satisfying crunch of carrot sticks and the fiber will cut your cravings, and it’s easy to bring when you go to work.

19. Pistachios

Get A Flat Belly With-Pistachios

This classic savory snack is pretty healthy, as long as you avoid the heavily salted version.

Make sure to get the pistachios in shells, because that will keep you from eating your way through the whole bag.

A handful is a fine snack for the afternoon, when you need an energy boost.

20. Hard-boiled egg

Get A Flat Belly With-Hard-boiled egg

When you want a flat belly, you might be trying to avoid whole eggs because of their fat.

That’s not the right idea.

Eating a whole egg helps keep you full, thanks to the good fats in the egg yolk.

Try a hard-boiled egg in the afternoon, and you might be surprised at how much better you feel.

21. Edamame

 Get A Flat Belly With-Edamame

This is another trusty favorite for people trying to get a flat belly, because edamame has a lot of protein and other good nutrients.

If you add a touch of soy sauce, this will hit the spot when you need a salty snack.

Just make sure not to overdo it with the soy sauce, because that can give you too much sodium.

22. Tuna salad

 Get A Flat Belly With-Tuna salad

When you need something that’s a little more filling, make yourself some tuna salad with celery and a little low-calorie mayonnaise.

That will help you keep your flat belly while also giving you some of the great nutrition that you get from seafood.

You can even put it on toast if you’d like the extra crunch.

23. Beef jerky

Get A Flat Belly With-Beef jerky

Some people avoid beef jerky when they want a flat belly, but that’s not always necessary.

As long as you choose the kind that’s low in sodium, you can snack away without a lot of guilt.

Just limit yourself to a few pieces, otherwise you’ll go over your calorie limit.

24. Turkey rolls

Get A Flat Belly With-Turkey rolls

Make sure to grab some low-fat turkey from the deli counter the next time you hit the grocery store.

Then when you’re craving something meaty, roll up a few pieces and add some mustard.

It’ll help get you extra protein and stay feeling full as you work on your flat belly.

25. Olives

Get A Flat Belly With-Olives

Here’s another fun snack to eat when you need something salty.

A handful of olives (just not the super salty ones) is a healthy addition to your diet as you try for a flat belly.

Mixed olives are the best because you get a lot of flavors in one little snack. Try some the next time you’re hungry.

26. Pumpkin seeds

 Get A Flat Belly With-Pumpkin seeds

You can either buy prepackaged seeds or roast them yourself.

If you do decide to buy a pumpkin, scoop out all the seeds, clean them, and then roast them in olive oil until they’re crunchy.

It’s a delicious way to get some essential vitamins while indulging your desire for a salty snack.

27. Balsamic peppers

  Get A Flat Belly With-Balsamic peppers

Slice up some raw peppers and dip them in balsamic vinegar.

The crunchy combination and the saltiness of the balsamic vinegar can beat most of the cravings you have, and you’ll get plenty of antioxidants from the colorful veggies.

Stock up on them at the grocery store.

28. Roasted asparagus

Get A Flat Belly With-Roasted asparagus

These veggies give you another great way to get the nutrients you need.

Roast a bunch of asparagus spears until the tips are crunchy, and then save them for snacks during the week.

Asparagus packs a bunch of important nutrients, and you’ll enjoy eating the crunchy veggies.

29. Chick pea salad

 Get A Flat Belly With-Chick pea salad

These nutritious chick peas will help you get a lot of protein and fiber in your diet, and they’re easy to eat in a variety of dishes.

Try making a quick salad with them, scallions, and a dressing you make yourself.

Or try adding them to a salad you’re already making.

30. Brussels sprouts

Get A Flat Belly With-Brussels sprouts

It’s easy to roast these veggies with olive oil, and then you can snack on them all day.

You can add them to other salads, or put them on sandwiches, or pop them by themselves.

They’ll give you plenty of fiber and other important nutrients.

31. Spicy black beans

Get A Flat Belly With-Spicy black beans

When you need something salty and spicy, try mixing some black beans with salsa that you have sitting around the house.

That way you can get a lot of protein and fiber in your life, while still getting to enjoy a lot of flavors.

You can even use it as a side dish for sandwiches and salads.

32. Trail mix

Get A Flat Belly With-Trail mix

Next time you have a craving for a lot of different flavors, try munching on some trail mix.

The nutrients from the nuts will keep you full longer, and you’ll get to have a variety of treats at once.

That makes this a perfect snack for having late in the day.

33. Rice cakes

  Get A Flat Belly With-Rice cakes

If you grab some rice cakes and add a little nut butter, you can get protein and some healthy carbs.

Try peanut butter or almond butter to add some protein to your snacks.

You’ll enjoy the crunch!

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