1-Ronda Rousey Ground and Pound

You Will Do A Double Take When You See What An Angry Ronda Rousey Did To These 15 Men

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1-Ronda Rousey Ground and Pound - fitness training and sparring

"You hit like a girl!"

That's a line some men say to other men to get under their skin.

This is a constant during sparring and fitness training.
But that perception is changing.

Thanks in part to the success of Ronda Rousey and other female MMA stars.

If someone were to tell Ronda, "You hit like a girl", her response would likely be a confident "Thanks!"

Ronda Destroys 15 Men

In her ascent to becoming UFC champion, Ronda has taken part in fitness training and sparred with numerous male challengers.

She destroys them as easily as her female rivals.

If there is any one person you don't want mad at you, it's Ronda Rousey. That's a lesson these 15 men found out the hard way! You'll do a double-take when you see what she did to them...

Ronda Dominates These Men in Sparring and Fitness Training

1. Next stop: Pain

During a fitness training camp and photo-shoot session, Ronda Rousey picks up her hapless partner like a ragdoll and prepares to drop him...hard.

It was not his favorite moment. You can practically hear him thinking, "Ohhh crap!"

2. Peek-a-boo my fist sees you

During a fitness training session Ronda teaches her partner the peek-a-boo game.

Is my fist coming from the left...or the right...or the...peek-a-boo! BAM!

Holding your hand up and thinking "Out of site out of mind" is not a recommended strategy against Ronda Rousey!

3. "Your arm is mine!"

If this guy didn't know that Ronda Rousey doesn't play, he's about to find out.

That arm is going home with Ronda.

Another trophy for the collection!

4. Ronda smash

"No mas!"

This guy is playing patty cakes while Ronda is playing smash your face.

With her power, determination, and ripped physique (thanks to her relentless fitness training)...

...she seems to be channeling her inner Incredible Hulk.

Ronda smash!

5. Knee meet ribs

Taking a shot to the liver is the type of pain that drops the strongest person.

The pain is almost indescribable. This is something Ronda's sparring partner is finding out first-hand.

One moment everything is great...the next you're taking a knee to the liver.

Not the best day at the office!

6. He's gonna feel that in the morning

Even with that headgear, buddy here is taking a heck of a shot.

He's gonna be counting stars today and counting bruises tomorrow!

Maybe next time he'll keep his hands up.

7. Impact in 3..2..

Yikes! That's a huge impact about to happen.

Even the audience is about to feel this one.

Looks like this slam is about to cause a shift in the tectonic plates.

6.7 on the Richter scale.

8. Even sports show hosts can't escape

The hosts of Inside MMA tried testing Ronda.

Little did they know, Ronda is the wrong person to pop-quiz about her armbars and fitness training.

She goes from innocent quiz-taker to stern teacher in under 2 seconds.

Next time don't bite off more than you can chew, guy!

9. To the pain

In this instance Ronda is Westley from the Princess Bride.

Her opponent is Prince Humperdinck.

Looks like he's hesitating after his perfect ears heard that Ronda intends to go "to the pain".

"Your ears you'll keep!"

10. Going for a ride

This guy didn't know he'd be taking a ride on the pain train.

Had he known, he would have stayed home watching reruns of Ultimate Fighter instead of coming in to the gym for fitness training with Ronda.

11. Your black socks can't save you now

Mr. Black Socks here looks to the camera crew for help.

But they know better.

Sorry sir, you're on your own.

If you mess with the bull you get the horns, but if you mess with Ronda Rousey you lose your arm.

12. Tap or snap, buddy

You can try rolling, you can try resisting, and you can try begging...

But the only way you're getting out of Ronda's armbar is by tapping...or your arm snapping.

This guy is close to learning via the latter method during their rolling and fitness training session.

13. Face to face domination

While engaged in a sparring and fitness training session, this guy gets stacked and smacked.

Close your eyes and pray for mercy, Mr., but that's not going to change the outcome.

Ronda is going to slam you into oblivion!

14. The bigger they are the harder they fall

Triple H thought his size would intimidate Ronda.

He thought his strength would overpower her.

But like every male before him, he was wrong.

Ronda throws him in his own house, on the WWE stage, in front of his own fans.

The Rock stares wide-eyed in the background. "Can you smeeeeeelllllll what Ronda Rousey is cookin?!"

15. Jimmy Fallon feeling the wrath (and power of Ronda's biceps!)

And last but not least...

Jimmy Fallon finally pays the price for all his horrible jokes.

Ronda puts him in an arm lock on live TV and makes him say "Uncle".

It was in that moment that Jimmy thought, "I should have given the show to Letterman!"

Train Like Ronda Rousey

Train hard, every day.

Stay focused and determined. Train like Ronda does and you'll destroy your challengers too.

The 15 men in the pictures above found that her strength and power are second-to-none, thanks to her unwavering fitness training.

And her martial arts skills are unmatched due to her years of experience, drive, and innate talent.

Go get em, Ronda!

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