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Get Skinny Fast With These 17 Fatty Foods

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.


Do you want to get skinny fast?

Most people try getting skinny with super-restrictive low-fat diets.

But cutting all fats out of your diet won’t keep you full or give you needed nutrients.
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Instead, try to add healthier foods into your daily routine, especially foods with saturated fat.

This kind of fat is better for you, and it helps add nutrition to your diet.

The best part is that foods with good fats tend to be healthier fruits, veggies, and nuts.

So even switching up your diet for a few of these nutritious foods will help you shake up your diet and get skinny fast.

If you can take time every day to include one of these foods, your body will thank you.

Ranging from breakfast foods to lunches to healthy snacks for your afternoon, these choices will change your routine for the better.

Try switching in just a few of these foods for your typical meals and see how you feel.

Your energy will increase, and you’ll find it easier to get skinny fast.

Get Skinny Fast With These 17 Fatty Foods

1. Avocados

Get Skinny Fast- Avocados

Instead of the carbs you usually find in fruits, avocados pack in healthy fats instead.

They do have plenty of calories, but they come in the form of these healthy fats that boost your energy and add in nutrients.

2. Cheese

Get Skinny Fast- Cheese

In addition to the high calcium content of some cheese, they contain plenty of good fats.

While it wouldn’t be healthy to have cheese for every meal, having it as a treat won’t just be tasty, it’ll help boost your diet.

3. Dark chocolate

  Get Skinny Fast- Dark chocolate

It’s not just the antioxidants that make chocolate great.

It’s the healthy serving of cocoa (make sure to get at least 70% cocoa content in your bars) and the corresponding healthy fats that come with that chocolate.

4. A whole egg

Get Skinny Fast- A whole egg

People used to avoid whole-egg omelets because of the high cholesterol found in egg yolks.

But that advice is a little misguided.

Because of the high protein and healthy fats, eggs are nutritious and help keep you full.

This is great when you try to get skinny fast.

5. Salmon

Get Skinny Fast- Salmon

People who try to avoid red meats might already eat salmon to get protein, but salmon offers a lot more.

The high levels of healthy fat lower your risk for heart disease and help you absorb more nutrients.

6. Almonds

Get Skinny Fast- Almonds

The next time you want to have a crunchy snack, reach for a handful of almonds.

These healthy nuts contain plenty of healthy fats, along with a good serving of vitamin E.

The extra fiber also helps you to get skinny fast.

7. Chia seeds

  Get Skinny Fast- Chia seeds

Even though they're just becoming popular, chia seeds have been around for a long time.

They pack a lot of healthy fat, and additionally they give you a lot of the nutrition you can find in fish—that’s great news if you’re tired of seafood.

8. Olive oil

Get Skinny Fast- Olive oil

Cooking with olive oil instead of vegetable oil or canola oil has its benefits.

The healthy fats in olive oil and its antioxidants make up several of the best diets around.

Make sure to add it to your food.

9. Coconut oil

Get Skinny Fast- Coconut oil

If you're tired of using olive oil, try to add some coconut oil to your diet.

It’s great to use when you plan to bake, because it contains better fats and more nutrients than butter.

Try it out if you want to get skinny fast!

10. Full-fat yogurt

Get Skinny Fast- Full-fat yogurt

Instead of grabbing some flavored yogurt, reach for full-fat Greek yogurt instead. The thick consistency is pleasant, and the fat levels help keep you energized when you eat it for breakfast.

11. Peanut butter

Get Skinny Fast- Peanut butter

Combined with a high-fiber food like apples, peanut butter can make a great snack during the day.

Just make sure to get peanut butter without lots of added sugar, which can’t help you get skinny fast.

12. Almond butter

Get Skinny Fast- Almond butter

Sometimes peanut butter gets a little boring, but almond butter has plenty of the same nutrients.

Feel free to add it to your diet so you can keep up your fiber intake without sacrificing taste.

13. Black olives

Get Skinny Fast- Black olives

These tasty additions to your diet pack in some healthy fat and plenty of nutrients.

They’re easy to add to salads or sprinkle over main dishes.

Just a handful during your day (without added salt) can help as you try to get skinny fast.

14. Flaxseed

Get Skinny Fast- Flaxseed

These seeds are a good choice if you don’t like the texture of chia seeds.

Both have a lot of protein, and flaxseeds are easy to eat in ground form.

Add the powder to smoothies or sprinkle it on your meals.

15. Sesame seeds

Get Skinny Fast- Sesame seeds

They don't just come on bagels!

Adding sesame seeds to your dishes will help keep your heart healthy.

They keep your cholesterol at stable levels, and your overall health at a good place.

Try some today.

16. Grass-fed beef

Get Skinny Fast- Grass-fed beef

If you just can't give up red meat, at least spring for grass-fed beef when you do choose to eat meat.

That way you’ll get better levels of healthy fats and the nutrients that are found in animals raised in a more natural way.

17. Cashews

Get Skinny Fast- Cashews

Another good snack when you’re craving sweets is a handful of cashews.

They can help you get a satisfying crunch and a little taste of sugar.

Thankfully, the healthy fats make this nut a wise choice when you’re working to get skinny fast.

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