34 Healthy Yogurt Brands That Will Make You Feel Sexy Again

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.

#9 - Blue Hills All Natural

This particular brand makes an effort to include only natural ingredients, and it still comes in at under 100 calories.

That makes this brand a healthy choice when you need a snack in the afternoon.

#10 - Lifeway Low Fat Kefir

This is another great choice for people who don’t tolerate lactose well, and it comes in many different varieties.

There isn’t too much added sugar, and there’s still a lot of protein.

It’s also easy to transport as you’re on the go.

After trying this out, you might feel it's one of your favorite healthy yogurt brands.

#11 - Dannon Light & Fit

This one comes in lots of flavors, which is good when you want to lose weight.

You can choose from a bunch of different fruits and still get a serving of protein at under 80 calories.

#12 - Liberte Mediterranean

Women who want to lose weight often ask, "what is the best low fat yogurt?"

Well, this is one of them.

The best part of Liberte is that it comes in larger sizes. Making it perfect for keeping at home when you want to lose weight and enjoy organic yogurt benefits.

Once you stock your fridge, you won’t be tempted to have as many unhealthy snacks.

That alone may make this one of the top healthy yogurt brands for you.

healthy yogurt brands that will make you feel sexy again - Woman-Eating

The Best Healthy Yogurt Brands - Greek Yogurts

#13 - Wallaby Plain Low Fat

This delicious variety should become one of your healthy yogurt brands mainstays.

It’s widely available, and the company even makes non-Greek if you’re craving a different texture.

This is one of healthiest low fat yogurt brands.

#14 - Maple Hill Creamery

There are only two ingredients in this: milk from grass-fed cows and live yogurt cultures.

Some consider this their favorite of all the healthy yogurt brands.

Especially because it has barely any sugar and packs in some extra protein.

#15 - Fage Total 2%

This is one of the easiest Greek varieties of healthy yogurt brands to find.

Which is perfect when you want to burn fat.

There’s a lot of protein in this brand of yogurt, which helps you stay feeling full longer.

#16 - Brown Cow

You’ll only find milk and live cultures in this brand, which is great for your dieting.
While there isn’t much fiber in this brand, there is a lot of protein and only a few calories.
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