34 Healthy Yogurt Brands That Will Make You Feel Sexy Again

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.

#17 - Stonyfield Greek

This is another brand that you can find in almost every grocery store.

The high protein content and low calories are great as you lose weight, and this yogurt is perfect for adding to trail mix.

#18 - Chobani Blended 4%

This particular kind  has almost no sugar. Which also makes it one of the healthy yogurt brands.

It also has a small amount of healthy fats, which help you stay full longer during the day.

That makes it a great snack option.
#19 - Dannon Light & Fit

Because of the low added sugar and calorie content, this is perfect when you’re on a diet because it drops your weight quick.

There are artificial sweetening ingredients to make this yogurt a little more exciting, without going over your daily sugar limit.

So this may be another options that answers your "What is the best low fat yogurt" question.

#20 - Dannon Oikos

This variety has even more protein with a low sugar and low calorie count.

That makes it a great pick when you need something to enjoy in the afternoon.

Just make sure to get the plain versions to avoid extra sugar.

#21 - Dannon Activia

While this choice does have some extra sugar added, it also has plenty of live cultures.

That makes it a good pick when you need to keep your body running properly by eating the healthiest low fat yogurt.

#22 - Greek Gods

The milk for this yogurt comes from cows that were raised without hormones.

It does have a little more added sugar than other healthy yogurt brands, though.

The combination of taste and healthiness makes this a contender for the best yogurt for weight loss.

As well as  the best tasting low fat yogurt.

#23 - YoCrunch Greek Raspberry & Acai Super Fruit & Almonds

The best part of this one is how the crunchy granola and yogurt stay separated, which means they don’t get soggy.

The added fruits help get you some extra nutrients, while the whole snack is still under 150 calories.

#24 - Fage Total 0%

When you have a low-fat diet but still want some yogurt, you might want to try out this kind as a snack.

It still tastes creamy and rich, even though it’s made with fat-free milk.

It still has protein and calcium to keep you strong. It might be the best fat free yogurt.
Great choice for your healthy yogurt brands "to buy" list.
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