34 Healthy Yogurt Brands That Will Make You Feel Sexy Again

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.

#25 - Muller Corner Honeyed

As you burn fat, this will help you out.

It’s lighter and less tart than many Greek types, and it’s under 130 calories.

That makes it a good addition to your afternoon.

#26 - Chobani 0%

This version of Greek from Chobani is rich and delicious, even though it’s made with fat-free milk.

The additional fruit flavors can make this an even tastier snack, especially when you need a snack late in the day.

That puts it on this list of "best healthy yogurt brands to buy".
#27 - Stonyfield Oikos 1.5% Low Fat

Here’s another low fat version of traditional Greek yogurt.

The creamy taste isn’t heavy enough to weigh you down, and there are several fruit flavors if you need something more than plain.

#28 - Alpina Revive Plain 0%

The best part of Alpina is that it comes with a ton of granola on top.

Even so, there isn’t a lot of added sugar and there is plenty of protein.

#29 - 365 Nonfat

All of these yogurts have a separate pod for fruit mix-ins, which make this kind is a little more exciting than other versions.

There isn’t a ton of added sugar, which is good news for fruity flavor lovers.

#30 - Yoplait Greek 100

This comes in at exactly 100 calories, which is great when you’re trying to lose belly fat.

In addition to the creamy texture, this has some vanilla flavoring if you aren’t used to Greek.

#31 - Chobani, Chocolate Dust

When you want to have some delicious chocolate flavor, try this kind of flavoring, even though it comes in a kids’ pack.

There’s actually not much sugar in this choice, making it healthier and a great option.

#32 - Chobani pumpkin

Sometimes you just need a more savory kind of taste, and that’s where this comes in handy.

There is a lot of added protein in this brand.
Which is good news if you need to get more in your diet.
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