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32 Weight Loss Vacations Filled With Fun & Adventure

by Sol Vazquez | Get Updates Here.

It’s easy to go on vacation and completely stop exercising or staying active. However, that’s not what time off has to be. By going on a weight loss vacation, you can stick to your healthy goals while enjoying some time away. Instead of picking your next vacation based on the best beach… …think about places where you can go that …

Get Flat Abs with-Breakfast-style taco

Get Flat Abs With These 15 Minute Dinners

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The last thing you want to worry about as you stick to your diet is taking forever to make meals in the evening. Sometimes a little planning on the weekends can save you trouble during the week… …as long as you’ve prepared ahead of time and gotten the right ingredients. Make it your priority to think of meals you’d like …

Lose 20 Pounds-Try some meditation

39 Proven Ways To Lose 20 Pounds (#6 is my favorite!)

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When you want to lose 20 pounds, it may feel like a never-ending task. So break down your weight loss goal into manageable pieces. It’s a good way to stay on track and it prevents you from getting discouraged. By making changes to your diet, your exercise routine, and what you do in your free time, you can help yourself stay …

Foods That Reduce Bloating-Eggplants

32 Foods That Reduce Bloating (#2 is delicious!)

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One of the annoying things about losing weight is that sometimes you can’t see results right away. That’s especially true if there are foods in your diet that make you feel bloated. Which might be why your results aren’t as good as you might like. Thankfully there are some foods that reduce bloating which can help you slim down. This …