Weight Loss Vacations and Retreats

Weight Loss Vacations and Retreats
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Health and Fitness Retreat List (23 Incredible Yoga Retreats)

August 5, 2015Looking for a Yoga health and fitness retreat? Great! Because you're about to discover 23 life changing yoga health and fitness retreats! Yoga is an ancient practice that has been adapted for the needs of a modern world. Although at its core it combines philosophy, religion, meditation and physical practice... ...it can be divided to suit whatever purposes you’re after. Makes ... Read More
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32 Weight Loss Vacations Filled With Fun & Adventure

July 13, 2015It’s easy to go on vacation and completely stop exercising or staying active. However, that’s not what time off has to be. By going on a weight loss vacation, you can stick to your healthy goals while enjoying some time away. Instead of picking your next vacation based on the best beach... ...think about places where you can go that ... Read More
Weight Loss Plan Inspiration-Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

These 30 Amazing Beaches Will Inspire Your Weight Loss Plan (#6 & #25 are my favorites!)

July 8, 2015It can be hard to stay focused on your weight loss plan. Without good motivation, it’s easy to get distracted by unhealthy food. To stick with your weight loss plan, you’ve got to find creative ways of keeping yourself on the right track. We’ve rounded up beaches all over the world that will inspire you to get and stay healthy. ... Read More

19 Islands That Will Inspire You to Start a Flat Belly Workout

June 26, 2015Committing to a flat belly workout can be difficult. Especially when you know there’s a lot of work ahead of you. Recent studies have shown certain people perceive exercising to be more difficult than others. Whether you’re among this group of people or not, all it may take for you to finally decide to start working out is the right motivation. ... Read More